Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

Kettlebell Training: The Basics

Now available on iPhone & iPad.

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

Kettlebell Training: The Basics.

A perfect introduction to kettlebell training.

Training Video Apps: Available on the App Store

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No matter if you’re new to kettlebells or an experienced lifter looking to re-visit fundamentals, this app is for men and women of all ages that want to learn and perfect kettlebell training.

Join RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor Robert Budd as he safely walks you through the basic kettlebell exercises. Includes 21 training exercises and 33 full-round workouts, and 33 challenge workouts.


Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

21 training videos.

Simplified & easy.

Training videos include:

    • Swing & Double Swing
    • Clean & Double Clean
    • Press & Double Press
    • Push Press & Double Push Press
    • Jerk & Double Jerk
    • Snatch & Double Snatch
    • Squat & Double Squat
    • Thruster & Double Thruster
    • Turkish Get Up
    • Renegade Row
    • Bear Crawl

…and many more!

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

Your own kettlebell trainer, in an app.

Robert Budd is an RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor.

Robert’s workouts combine kettlebell training with the best of exercises from a number of areas, including: body weight (gravity) exercises, yoga, and pilates.

If you were to have private training with Robert for the content included in this app, it would cost you $900. This app is pennies on the dollar!

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

66 workout videos.

33 full-round workouts, where you workout with Robert for an entire round.

When you’re done, simply replay the video for subsequent rounds!

As you get better, try the 33 challenge videos. Since you’re so good now, Robert will simply describe the workout and train you on aspects of it.

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

Videos load fast.

And they don’t take up much space on your device!

Videos download fast, all over the world.

All 91 videos in this app (over 5 hours of video content!) take up minimal space on your device – only 706MB!

That’s important when you need space for other apps, music and pics on your iPhone/iPad!

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

Search by tag.

You asked for it, you got it. Show all videos grouped by a specific keyword. Awesome!

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

Local playback.

These videos are on your phone. After you download them on wifi, take them with you and play them without a data connection.

You can also nuke the individual videos you don’t want to save space!

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.


The training here is structured and simplified – so you can learn or master the basics.

Buying Kettlebells:

What type should you buy?

The best way to buy kettlebells is to go to a kettlebell event (such as an RKC or Dragondoor certification) or and buy them in person.

That being said, if you want to buy them online – I recommend these kettlebells by Rep Fitness.

They are solid cast iron kettlebells, and they also have color bands painted on them so you can visually differentiate them.

In general, the average weights for men and women are: Men: 16kg (35lb) Women: 12kg (25lb).

Note: Not all kettlebells are created equal.

Most of the brands and styles you can find in stores are simply not that great – they’re poorly constructed, plasticky, come in off-sizes, have poorly-sized handles that can be plain unsafe.

Complicating matters, it used to be too expensive to order good kettlebells online, since shipping would often be more than the kettlebells themselves.
This changed with Amazon Prime.

General FAQ

Is kettlebell training right for me?

This app is intended as a low-cost introduction to kettlebell training. Always consult with a doctor prior to starting any training regimine.

What size kettlebell should I use?

Included in the app is a Kettlebell Selection video that will help you when choosing your kettlebells.

Can I make a playlist of exercises to make my own custom workout?

No. This app is intended as an introduction and a reference guide. In general, the exercises are put in the specific workout order for a reason.

Can I rate the app?

Please! You can do this on our page in the App Store. We encourage positivity. Written reviews last a long time.

Before you rate: please let us know if you are experiencing any bugs or issues, as we can most likely fix them!

Technical Details & Requirements

Does the app work on both iPhone & iPad


So if you own both devices, you can put it on both devices with a single purchase.

What are the device requirements?

This app was build for iOS 8 or later.

How much space do I need?

The initial download is less than 20MB.

Upon retrieval by WiFi or data connection, videos are stored on your device. This increases the size of the app – up to a total size of 726MB.

However, we have purposely limited video quality to minimize the space taken up on your device. Do you really need full HD video for this anyway? 🙂

You can remove these videos in the Settings menu, or by simply uninstalling the app from your device.

Buy Kettlebells

What to know when buying kettlebells:

If you’re new to kettlebells, the first thing you need to know is that most kettlebells are measured in kilograms (kg), not pounds (lbs). If you don’t remember your high school math, that’s okay – 1kg is equal to about 2.2bs. Thusly, an 8kg kettlebell would equal about 17.6 lbs.

For your first kettlebell, you’ll need a single kettlebell that is challenging, but not difficult, to do around 20 standard one-handed swings. If you are unsure about what works for you, visit a gym near you that has kettlebells, and ask if you can try them out.

In general, the average weights for men and women are:
Men: 16kg (35lb)
Women: 12kg (25lb)

You can buy 2 kettlebells for exercises that use doubles.

Don’t be afraid to err on the side of going light. You can always buy bigger bells as you progress, and injuries from starting too heavy are completely unnecessary.

See the buy kettlebells section on this page.

Where to buy:

There are a lot of kettlebells out there, but Robert likes and uses solid, cast iron kettlebells.

See the buy kettlebells section on this page.



“Enter the Party”, Kevin MacLeod (

“In a Heartbeat”, Kevin MacLeod (

“Overriding Concern”, Kevin MacLeod (

“Rocket”, Kevin MacLeod (

Support & Troubleshooting

Videos are cut off

A video (or videos) stop short.

Solution: Get on a strong WiFi connection and re-download all the videos.

If your WiFi connection was interrupted during video download – you might have only downloaded part of the video.

To fix this, first make sure you are on a strong WiFi connection.

Second, launch the app and tap Settings, then tap Remove All Videos, Yes, then Close.

Finally, tap Download All Videos and wait until you see they have all been downloaded. This can take up to 5 minutes.


I have an issue, so I’ll write a bad review on the App Store.

Solution: Be fair. Email us first.

Writing a bad review doesn’t actually help anything. And we have no way of contacting those that write reviews to fix problems.

If you’re experiencing a problem after reading the solutions on this page, email us a bug report so we can continue to improve and update this product, and fix any issues.

No sound

I can’t hear sound.

Solution: Update the app. Turn up the volume. Disable Bluetooth.

Turn up the volume.

If you have a connected Bluetooth headset, the sound might be playing though that. Simply disable your Bluetooth.

If you’ve updated to the latest version of this app, sound on the videos should play regardless of the side switch position.

Contact us

First, check out our Support & Troubleshooting section, above.

To report a bug, issue or make a suggestion:

Please email us from within the app itself.  You can find the button to do this in the App Support & Help section.

If you are reporting a bug, please include the following details:
  • Location. What country are you in?
  • Type of device. iPhone 1, 3G, 3GS, 4; iPad 1, 2 and 3; or iPod model.
  • iOS version of your device. (Found in Settings > General > About > Version)
  • Available & used space on your device. (Found in Settings > General > Usage > Storage)
  • WiFi or a data connection? When the problem occured, which were you using?
  • Steps to reproduce the error. As much detail as you can provide.

We thank you in advance!

Not bugs:

  • No sound with videos? This used to be a problem with the mute switch on the side of the device being in the mute position, but if you’ve updated to the latest version of this app, sound on the videos should play regardless of the side switch position. Read more in the support section.