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Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

UPDATE: Kettlebell app

Over the weekend, a mega-update went live for our first app, Kettlebell Training: The Basics!

This update adds 33 new FULL ROUND videos and over 5 hours of video content.

You’ll also find a new UI, and some other great new features.


5 to 7 minute workout app for iPhone & iPad. Quick exercises for when life gets busy.

NEW: 5 to 7 minute workout app

This 5 to 7 minute workout app is our biggest app so far, with 20 complete workouts for people that don’t have a lot of time to workout.

If this is you, and it probably is, now you have no excuse. Robert will workout with you every day for either 5 or 7 minutes.

Let’s get going!


Meditation app for iOS, iPhone, iPad

NEW: Meditation app

Most people have heard about the benefits of meditation, but are turned off by the new age-y religious aspects of it.

Well we’ve got an app for you. Neal has worked very hard to put together a simple how-to meditation app for those interested in the benefits of meditation – but without all of the nonsense. Very cool.


HIIT app for iPhone & iPad


Want to get in both cardio and strength training using nothing but your own bodyweight?

Try Shannon’s new HIIT app.

As opposed to typical cardio exercise, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) benefits you by boosting your endurance while burning more fat, all while increasing your strength.


Postural Correction app: Exercises to Improve Posture

NEW: Posture app

Carolyn Brumfield is a personal trainer that has focused her career on improving posture.

This is a posture app that contains exercises that help improve some of the most common postural problems.

When done regularly, these simple exercises can dramatically improve posture, and help reduce the pains associated with bad posture.


Yoga app for athletes on iPhone & iPad

NEW: Yoga for athletes app

Meet Alyssa, and her new app: Yoga For Athletes.

This is a great app for athletes from sports of all kinds that are looking to improve their flexibility and mobility, and increase range of motion.

The app is targeted toward athletes, who can’t afford downtime due to injury.


Pilates app for beginners. On iPhone & iPad.

NEW: Pilates for beginners

Introducing Margrette and her new app, Pilates Basics!

This is a great app for people that want to try Pilates. You don’t need any equipment or one of those large Pilates machines (reformer), all of this you can from your home.

This is an ideal app for those that want to improve mobility and strength and create a better awareness of their posture.