The Robert Budd Workout app bundle

The Robert Budd Workout Bundle

This app bundle allows you to download Robert Budd’s entire series of basic workout training for kettlebells, free weights, bodyweight, and 5 to 7 minute quick workouts at 37% off the individual app price!

You get 215 exercise training videos, and 100 workout videos!

Training Video Apps: Available on the App Store

4 great apps for 37% off.

Here’s what you get:

Kettlebell Training: The Basics app for iOS.

Kettlebell Training: The Basics

Learn how to train with kettlebells.

No matter if you’re new to kettlebells or an experienced lifter looking to re-visit fundamentals, this app is for men and women of all ages that want to learn and perfect their kettlebell training.

Weight Training: The Basic screenshot. For iOS.

Weight Training: The Basics

For beginners in the gym that want to learn how to train with free weights.

Want to learn how to train with free weights, but can’t afford a trainer? This app will help you learn basic exercises using dumbells, barbells and a bench.

Bodyweight app for iPhone & iPad

Bodyweight Workouts

Learn to workout without any equipment whatsoever.

What’s great about this app is that you can do it anywhere, since it requires no equipment. You’ll get back to the basics, gain strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance.

5 to 7 minute workout app for iPhone & iPad. Quick exercises for when life gets busy.

5 to 7 Minute Workouts

Learn to workout quickly when life gets busy.

This is great if you really only have the time or patience to workout once or twice a day. If you’ve got more time than that, this app isn’t for you!